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About us

“This city is full of romance. Night is warm and seductive. We’re alive. Is it not enough?” – this phrase belongs to Javier Bardem from “Vicky Cristina, Barcelona”, directed by Woody Allen, and it as well as possible reflects the truth. In Barcelona, you don’t need much to feel your life.

Choosing the city views, against which the main characters had been looming during the film, Woody Allen didn’t show anything new and original. In his movie there are many well-known tourist places, mostly presented by Gaudi architecture. Indeed, in Barcelona must be Sagrada Familia, Guell Park and Casa Batllo?!

Insider guide to Barcelona

About us

We decided to go a little further and present the insider guide to the most iconic and interesting places in Barcelona that locals choose to feel the true and intoxicating atmosphere of the city.

After so many years of living in Barcelona and having studied this city in the company of local Catalans, with all its secrets and invisible pitfalls, we share valuable, useful and interesting information on pages of the online-magazine “Barcelona Travel Magazine”. We know things others don’t. And we tell what no other magazine and guide will do.

Who and what writes in Barcelona Travel Magazine

About us

Our friend, locals, who know what they’re doing up there, open up the veil of the mystery – on pages of the “Barcelona Travel Magazine” they tell about the most interesting places in Barcelona, which ain’t left to tourists, share their experience and give valuable advice. Many talented writers and photographers involve in the creation of this magazine.

We hope that our online-magazine will become a good Catalan friend and will help you to learn the true spirit of Barcelona and love this city even more.

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We’re always happy to take on board new ideas, opened and interesting projects, and cooperation. Also, we will be happy to see talented authors in our team.

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