Bar “Artte” – tea kitchen


A distinctive feature of this bar in Barcelona is a healthy cuisine, all meals are cooked with maximum vitamins.

In some dishes of this institution add …tea! “Soup Roibush” or “Mackerel with foie gras in red tea” will make you taste new sensations. Mocktails – a non-alcoholic cocktail made from natural ingredients is the highlight of this bar. You can сome to this restaurant after 4 pm, every day, except Thursday. There is a live music, too.

Bar "Artte" - tea kitchen

And on Thursday Artte lives under the law “Wifi is over”: personnel can ask you to turn off your phone, because you will listen to melodies from vinyl records. The institution has an official website:, you can see the program before you came there.

Address: Carrer de Muntaner, 83C


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