Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)


Barcelona is a big and diverse city, filled up with many attractions, opportunities for recreation and shopping. It’s not that easy to find a suitable hotel or apartment. To assist in this, we have prepared an overview of the areas and places where is the best to stay in Barcelona for traveler.

Barcelona contains 10 main districts:


Pros: very close proximity to the sea and nightclubs.
Cons: there are no large supermarkets, “tourist” prices.

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

1. Ciutat Vella
2. Eixample
3. Sants-Montjuic
4. Les Corts
5. Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
6. Gràcia
7. Horta-Guinardó
8. Nou Baris
9. Sant Andreu
10. Sant Martí

First, travelers will get interested in 7 of them, the conversation of which will be down below.

Barceloneta is one of the best places to stay for young party loving adults and the nightclub life. During the season, this incredibly loud, bullies travelers from England and Italy, it is completely acceptable for them, for example, to urinate from the balcony or go to the store naked. Local staged a demonstration, demanding to ban travelers from renting apartments in the area, and then in Barcelona ceased to issue licenses for tourist apartments.

There will be many people in Barcelona, who will confirm that to living in the capital of Catalonia is best only in the area of Barceloneta. After all, this implies the following – daily, sea view (the way to it – the most – ten minutes). The locals, to be honest, not particularly delighted with the local beach: in peak season, there is nowhere to step, and the quality of water is not up to par. In Barceloneta, there are many restaurants serving seafood, but the prices are also exhibited, as a rule, with the expectation of tourists.

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

From the port area to the prestigious resort area of Barceloneta transformed to the Olympics-92. The remains of metamorphosis are noticeable, for example, in the apartments – they are cramped here, as they were built mainly for fishermen. The Barceloneta district to stay in Barcelona, we can recommend an inveterate party-goers – the most popular night clubs, such as Opium Mar, CDLC, and the disco at the W hotel, located fifteen minutes on foot. Moreover, finally, to athletes. If on vacation you do not start classes, the promenade along Barceloneta – the perfect place for morning and evening Jogging.

Well-developed transport to the Barceloneta station is Barceloneta yellow line, buses to the centre.

Where to stay in Barcelona: El Born

Pros: close to the sea, museums, cafes.

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

El Born is a quiet and welcoming area where you can stay in Barcelona. Perfect for fans to walk around the city without a card, arranging a stop for a Cup of coffee. The main attractions are the temple of Santa Maria del Mar and the Picasso Museum. In the evening, a variety of cafes with affordable prices is open.

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

Born is located next to Barceloneta, because the sea can be easily reached on foot. In addition, there is a French station, from which it is possible to go to Sitges, Gava or other resort towns, famous for their beaches.

Select and book hotels in El born area, possibly at this link.


Pros: budget rates for accommodation, a great selection of bars and restaurants.
Cons: unsafe at night.

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

Raval up to this day cannot escape from the ill fame: less than a century ago, there were rising brothels and gangs of robbers would run the Raval. In this area, still live a lot of migrants and at night there are unpleasant incidents.

At the same time, Raval has recently become a magnet for alternative youth. Here is the Museum of modern art of Barcelona (MACBA), around which the skaters usually focus, and the Center for contemporary culture (CCCB).

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

Eixample or the Upper town

Eixample or Ensanche from the “extension” – the area of the city built after the walls of the Old town demolished in the middle of the 19th century. The area is divided into blocks in the form of a grid. The initial layout of the squares implied that the buildings should be located only on 2 sides, with gardens and parks in the middle, however, to save space, in the end, the blocks built houses from all 4 sides. A number of internal squares have recently become open and transformed into small parks in the area.

Pros: clean, many large supermarkets, well-developed transport.
Cons: far from the sea.

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

Eixample is the largest district of Barcelona, home to the predominantly Catalan middle class. The streets here are clearly perpendicular to each other. This area is called the “cradle of modernism”, because it is located in Eixample creations of Antonio Gaudi-Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Casa Batllo. Lovers of shopping will love it: there are large shopping centers, including the Department store El Corte Ingles, and branded stores on Passeig de Gracia.One of the best places to stay with family, but if you’re looking for something closer to the sea than keep on reading.


Pros: the best restaurants of the city, shopping
Cons: far from the sea

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

A lot of time Gracia was a craft village and to the city was annexed only in the late 19th century. This area is loved by the rich-artists, artists, young designers, shops where you have the opportunity to buy exclusive clothes and vintage. In Gracia Gaudi built his first building – the house of Vicens, and a little later-the legendary Park Guell. In this area there are restaurants, must be all cuisines of the world.

Gothic quarter

Pros: in fact-the city center, attractions, shops.
Cons: incredibly noisy, “tourist” prices. Districts El born and the Gothic quarter is the narrow streets that will not allow you to get a taxi to the hotel or to the house, you have rented an apartment in, if you went shopping, loaded with bags you will need to walk.

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

The area is stunning architecture in the Gothic style (talking, first, about The Cathedral) and the plexuses of the narrow streets. Delightful for boardwalks, but not very easy to live. First of all, on summer days, in particular when there are football matches, it will be difficult to fall asleep because of the noise. In the second place, it is adjacent to the Rambla, where theft occurs constantly.But if your goal is to find a place the best place to stay in Barcelona in the city center than this is it.


In Pedralbes-another area where it is better to stay in Barcelona, home to the stars of “Barça” Messi and Neymar, as well as politicians and stars of business show. Here is the most expensive in Barcelona real estate, and here is a list of sites confined to the monastery, after whom the district was named.

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

These areas of Barcelona are not exhausted – but others will not be so attractive to travelers because of its distance from the center.

Dangerous areas of Barcelona

Barcelona in General is a safe city. The only exception is the lower Raval – the area of red lights, where evening and night can be restless.

Even near the most famous attractions of Barcelona, in particular, on The La Rambla street run gangs of small scammers. They operate in groups of two or three people. Stay alert in Barcelona, watch your things follow the basic safety rules, and nothing will happen to you: do not take anything from dubious personalities, do not lose sight of pockets and bags.

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

Barcelona, just like many other megacities – a city of contrasts. And because almost any traveler will be able to find here the area at will. We told you about the main advantages and disadvantages of any of them, and you choose.

Recommended hotels

Hotel Praktik Vinoteca

The designer hotel Praktik Vinoteca is located 50 metres from gaudí’s Casa batlló and 700 metres from Plaza Catalunya. Mila house in 7 minutes on foot, to Sagrada Familia to go about 25-30 minutes.

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

The hotel HLG CityPark Pelayo

Located in an impressive historical building in the style of modernism. Located between the Old town and Eixample district, the hotel is a 3-minute walk from Plaza Catalunya And Las Ramblas.

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

Hotel SB Icaria Barcelona

Hotel SB Icaria Barcelona is located 300 metres from Barcelona’s Nova Icaria beach. The Area is quiet, near the Park. This would be the best place to stay in Barcelona near the beach.

Hotels in Barcelona TOP 10 Tips + Prices(2019)

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