Bus service in Valencia


The bus service in Valencia is represented by 46 day lines, 12 night lines, 4 lines for beach and 1 line for people with disabilities. In addition, traveling by bus is very comfortable, as most of the routes cover its main historical sights.

Bus running time

Buses ride mostly from 04:00 am to 02:00 am

Interval of movements

The average time of bus traffic is 15-20 minutes in the daytime, about 10 minutes at rush hour, and 30 minutes at night.

Bus service in Valencia

The cost of travel

To travel by bus you need to buy a ticket, which you can get at any of the booths that are located throughout the city. You can also contact the driver who will sell you a ticket, but at a slightly higher price.

The cost of a ticket for one trip is 1.50 euros, for 10 trips – 8 euros.

Besides, the last variant of the ticket gives the passengers the unlimited number of times to change on buses within 60 minutes after the first composting.


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