Cathedral of Valencia


The Cathedral of Saint Mary is one of the main architectural monuments of Valencia. Its construction began in the middle of the XIII century after the conquest of the city by the Moorish emirates, and was completed in 440 years.

Therefore, the building of cathedral represents the features of the Renaissance and Baroque, strict classics and Moorish style.

The main part of the temple was built before the 15th century and is made in the style of Catalan Gothic. The most ancient Eastern Palace Gate represents the late Roman architecture. The western frontage is represented by the Gothic Gate of the Apostles and decorated with their sculptures. The main entrance to the cathedral- the Iron Gate- was created at the beginning of the XVIII century according to the canons of the Baroque. The Mikalet tower represents the Moorish style. The influence of the Renaissance can be found in interior decoration.

Cathedral of Valencia

The cathedral is the main residence of the Archbishop of Valencia and the functioning Christian church. Since 1916 the cathedral is considered as a keeper of one of the most valuable shrines of Christianity – the Holy Chalice.

The cathedral is situated in the center of the old city, so it`s impossible to miss it.

Address: Plaça de l’Almoina, s/n, 46003 València

Nearest metro station: Colón


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