Santiago Marti is one of the managers in Hotel Majestic and he devoted his whole life to the hotel business. He told us how to select a suitable hotel in Barcelona, ​​in which part of the city it is better to stay and to what aspects attention should be paid when choosing a house.


“What regions of Barcelona can you recommend for the most comfortable accommodation?”

-For tourists who are going to come to Barcelona, ​​I always recommend stopping in the Eixample district, as close as possible to Paseo de Gracia Boulevard or Plaza Catalonia. This area has a good location with regard to all attractions, and transport links are also very convenient. Last but not least, an excellent atmosphere and the environment. Eixample is one of the safest city`s district. You can safely walk there all day and night long.

The Old City which combines the Gothic Quarter, the Born and Raval districts is perhaps the most atmospheric part of Barcelona. Here locate many sight seeings, narrow authentic streets which contain many stories and almost every building is a historical monument. However, it should be remembered that it is the Old City where the main number of night bars and discos are concentrated, which entertain local youth and tourists up to two, and sometimes up to three o’clock in the morning. Yet, on many streets of the Old City it will be impossible to move by car.

Sometimes located near the beach hotel do tempting offers for the summer months. However, beaches of Barcelona are not the main reason for visiting the Catalan capital. If you prefer beach holiday, I recommend draw the attention to Catalan shore of Costa Brava or Costa Dorada. They are in only 30-45 minutes from Barcelona by car, ​​but they offer incredibly fantastic beaches.

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“What is necessary to pay attention to when choosing a hotel in Barcelona?”

-I will share my personal experience with you, what I pay attention to when choosing a hotel. My preferences are always based on three pillars, in order of preference: location, reputation online and the services offered.

1. The main thing for me is a convenient location which will be most comfortable for discovering a new city or area. I also take into account the security of the district. The center is not always the most peaceful and protected part of the city.

2. Reputation online (feedback from customers who have already stayed at this particular hotel) helps to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a place of stay. Strengths of the hotel are often described on official websites. But the real situation can only be seen from independent information sources like personal experiences.

3. Finally, the range of services provided. For me, a prerequisite is the availability of free WI-FI.


“In your opinion, what is the best time to visit Barcelona?”

-Barcelona has wonderful weather all year round. About 300 days a year, the sun shines here and the air temperature does not fall below 5 degrees even during winter months. My favorite seasons are the spring (May-June) and the autumn (October). The days are long, the sun heats, but its rays are not too burning. It is an ideal time to enjoy the city in the fresh air. You can wander the streets for a long time, study the city in detail. And you can just sit on the open terrace, listen to the sea or admire the sunsets.

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