The most delicious pizza in Barcelona: Italian restaurants


Pizza in Barcelona, of course, is not the most typical dish. However, there’re a lot of decent restaurants in the city. Maybe it’s because the Italian immigrants in Barcelona have officially taken the first line among all the immigrants of Catalan capital, who knows. One thing’s for certain, Barcelona will please you with diversity in Italian cuisine. If you wanna find out where to find the most delicious pizza in the city – read on.

Italian restaurant chain LA Tagliatella

In the case, if you adore Italian cuisine, we recommend you to visit one of LA Tagliatella restaurants, which serves a nice pasta and pizza in Barcelona for all tastes. It seems, the quality of its own cuisine, LA Tagliatella is one of the best restaurant chains in Catalan capital with reasonable prices.

The most delicious pizza in Barcelona: Italian restaurants

It is an impeccable place for the whole family, in addition to adorable mac and cheese there’re a children’s menu, and in the hall rules a relaxed atmosphere where kids gather in small groups and have fun as they can.

The restaurant menu consists of several antipasto snacks, including salads and carpaccio, followed by pizza on a thin and crunchy dough and a huge selection of pasta. When choosing pasta, you need to make a dish of 3components – a type of pasta, ingredients, sauce. All combinations are possible. Pasta is served al dente. Besides traditional pasta, there are ravioli with different stuffing and several variations of risotto. Portions are huge, with pasta per person it can be difficult to handle alone. The selections of desserts is just striking. Quick and quality service. Average prices of a dish – 7-10 euros.

The most delicious pizza in Barcelona: Italian restaurants

In general, there’re 15 restaurant institutions of this chain. We’ll give you the addresses of only the most central. One of these restaurants is located on the roof of the Las Arenas, which is Plaza Espanya.

Work schedule: daily – 1p.m to 4 p.m., in the evening – 8 p.m. to 11.30 p.m.

Venetian cuisine restaurant Xemei

There are restaurants you will definitely fall in love with. After some time, you start to savor pleasant memories and dream of coming back as soon as possible. Xemei reasonably and proudly bears the name of the best Italian restaurant of Barcelona cuisine. And the most striking is that you won’t find in the menu Margarita pizza, lasagna, Bolognese or pasta carbonara.

The most delicious pizza in Barcelona: Italian restaurants

This restaurant specializes in modern Venetian cuisine, and serves only 2 kinds of meat – lamb from the Lleida city and the Dutch beef. Chef of Max Colombo restaurant explains it in the following way: “In Spain you can’t find a piece of beef with good quality”. Seasonal vegetables are supplied here from small gardens of the Maresme coast. Fish and seafood for cold buffet and Frutti di Mare/Veneciana sauces are delivered daily and are selected with trepidation. The idea to open a restaurant far away from home came to Stefano, twin brother Max. Having spent in Barcelona several years, he couldn’t find a worthy Italian restaurant. By that time, Max had a 16-year kitchen experience , and then he went to bail out his brother from starvation.

Two brothers had a communicative skills gift from the early childhood, so it was easy for them to Present  themselves and their business to the Bohemia of Barcelona . In “Chimei” come to dinner “Barcelona” players, actors, politicians and other celebrities. In case if there is no free table, celebrity is honored to seat on a stool in the kitchen, asking for help in product extraction from fridge.

As for appetizers, try Burrata and octopus, for a main course we suggest you pasta with white truffle, spaghetti with squid ink and seafood, and Venetian veal liver. Do not forget about home made desserts, particularly the local tiramisu.

The most delicious pizza in Barcelona: Italian restaurants

On a sunny day or a lovely evening, we recommend sitting at the table on an outdoor terrace. Client service is private and high quality, tidy waiters speak excellent English and will help you with the choice of courtesy. Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere waits for you here. The average bill per person with drinks ~ 50 euros. Just for the record, “Xemei” in Venetian dialect means “twins”. It’s better to take a taxi to get here from the center. This is an ideal place for a meal after a long walk on Montjuic.

The most delicious pizza in Barcelona: Italian restaurants

Address: Passeig Exposicio, 85;

Metro station: Poble Sec;

Work schedule: daily – 2 p.m. to 0.00

The most delicious pizza in Barcelona in pizzeria N.A.P.

The most delicious pizza in Barcelona: Italian restaurants

In pizzeria N.A.P. you will find the real Neapolitan pizza, one of the tastiest pizza in Barcelona. Some people come here  to seize homesickness for example the native Italians and all admirers of pizza.

The restaurant’s name stands for “Neapolitan Authentic Pizza”. It is cooked in a stone oven from the freshest and good ingredients. Before your very eyes cook masterly  operates the dough and throws pizza in the oven, heated up to 500 ºC. Eventually, after one minute you get a freshly-made pizza on a thin dough with a light  Scent  of wood, fire and perfect melted mozzarella.

The most delicious pizza in Barcelona: Italian restaurants

The pizza here isn’t only delicious, but very cheap in prices, so be ready to stand in a long queue, but not as long as you think, the service in N.A.P. is fast, and pizza is cooked one after another. Prices per pizza range from 6 to 10 euros. We advise you to try the classic margarita, spicy Diavolo or Marinara with oregano and basil. Before pizza, you can order some snacks, for example, fragrant bruschetta, fresh mozzarella, melted hot provolone cheese . For dessert – tiramisu, panna-cotta, cheesecake.

In the event that all tables are served, you can take pizza out and start to savoring it in the nearby park, right on the grass in the sun.

The most delicious pizza in Barcelona: Italian restaurants

In Barcelona there are only 2 N.A.P. pizzerias – the 1st in Born near the Santa Caterina market and the 2nd by the sea in Barceloneta on Baluard Street.

Address: Avinguda Francesc Cambo, 30, Carrer del Baluard, 69

Subway station: Jaume l, Barceloneta

Work schedule: daily – 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m., in the evenings – 8 p.m. to 0.00


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