The Olympic Port of Barcelona


The Olympic Port of Barcelona is the brightest place in Barcelona, it is a place, where you can hold a rest and have fun, swim and take sun bathes, relax and just enjoy life.

Olympic Port of Barcelona: history and description

The Olympic port of Barcelona was completely recreated before the summer Olympic Games in 1992, and it immediately turned into one of the most sought-after holiday destinations. The city needed the kind of harbor, which corresponds to high standards, the Olympic Port of Barcelona and became such a harbor. The authors of the original project are the architects Oriol Bohigas, Josep Martorel, Albert Pugdomenek and David Mackay.

The Olympic Port of Barcelona

The created port is a long, spacious pier, which can be accessed from 2 sides – from the shore or from the sea and the promenade, combining the 2 nd popular beach area. Two of the most famous sights of the Olympic Port of Barcelona turned into twin skyscrapers – one – an office tower, the second – the Arts Barcelona hotel. No less famous is the huge sculpture “Fish” by Frank Gehry.

In the days of the Olympics, the port turned into a place for sailing, at the present time each of its 700 m berths can be used by everyone. Fans of water sports have the opportunity to sail there on a yacht, those who do not have such an opportunity, just relax, wandering around the pier or chilling at one of the bars or clubs on the waterfront. For visitors there are best restaurants of Mediterranean (Italian, Turkish, Moroccan), and also Japanese, Galician cuisine, in which the guest is waited by a pleasant interior, cozy atmosphere and perfectly made dishes.

The Olympic Port of Barcelona

Between the services offered at the Olympic Port of Barcelona, ​​there are also marine consultations, a sailing school, boat rental and other additional services. In addition, seaports, gas stations operate in the port. If you want, you can always relax on one of the beaches (Barceloneta and New Icaria), located within walking distance from the Olympic Port of Barcelona.

What to see in the Olympic Port: Golden fish

Between the most diverse buildings and structures of this part of Barcelona’s embankment, the view primarily falls on the strange-incomprehensible sculpture, which consists of mysterious intertwining and connections of metal structures.

Frank Gehry was born under the sign of Pisces. It must be because in his work the streamlined and sparkling “fish motifs” can be seen everywhere and in everything. The most famous was the 35-meter high and 56-meter long “Floating Fish”, appeared before the 1992 Olympics at the base of the skyscraper Hotel Arts.

The Olympic Port of Barcelona

The sculpture was made from a thin grid of stainless steel with a golden hue, and the sunbeams, reflecting and playing on it, make it even more grandiose and spectacular. Many argue that, because of their design in the form of wide wings, the fish is more like a flying bird or a spaceship. Anyway, quite elementary and stylish in appearance, the sculpture creates a complete impression of weightlessness and transparency.

At present, the “Fish” has become a symbol of the Catalan capital. A huge golden fish seems to float above the embankment, over the Olympic Port of Barcelona, ​​over the Mediterranean Sea. And the sun, reflected in the sparkling “scales”, turns this sculpture into an even brighter and more attractive one.

Working hours

The Olympic Port is open 24 hours a day.

The Olympic Port of Barcelona

How to get to the Olympic Port of Barcelona

The port is located in 15 minutes from the city transport – metro station “Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica” yellow line 4; bus routes № 10, 36, 45, 57, 59, 71, 92, tourist bus of red and green routes – bus stop «Port Olimpic».


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