Car Hire in Barcelona 2019


RentalCars in Barcelona

One of the most common questions that we are asked: “Where to rent a car in Barcelona?”. You can simply see all the options for renting a car in Barcelona.

In the Catalan capital, many companies offer such a service. We will tell you in detail about the best ones. And will explain what our choice is based on.
In Barcelona, there are the main companies of the world market that provide car rental services. However, almost everyone has certain nuances. We will not go into details of each company. Practical way we came to the conclusion that the best option for renting a car in Barcelona is SIXT. Below is a number of reasons why we decided so.

Car Hire in Barcelona 2019

Why rent a car in Barcelona is better in SIXT

SIXT is a German car rental company with more than half a century of history. From experience, this company is the best option to rent a car in Barcelona.

1 – The best prices

SIXT has the most affordable car prices in comparison with any of the international promoted rental companies. The difference is approximately 15-25%. At the same time, is not a local company, they have a luxury vehicle fleet and a significant quantity of offices in Barcelona. You can hire a car in advance (on the Internet) which will also significantly reduce the total cost of rent.

Car Hire in Barcelona 2019

2 – Numerous offices in Barcelona

You can take the car at the airport and return it near the house. Or vice versa, take away from the house and to give to the airport. You do not need to pay extra for this. For us this is a huge positive.

3 – Office opening-hours

Another important point is the timetable of offices. So, SIXT is the only company whose office at the airport is open almost 24 hours a day. All other companies, as a rule, open no earlier than 07:30-08:00 am. That is, if you arrived at 5 am, you will have to wait a couple of hours before opening.

Car Hire in Barcelona 2019

4 – Only one bank card is required for registration

In many companies, when applying for a car, they ask two cards on one name — the owner of the driver’s license, on whom the car will be formalized. The Avis requires two cards, we already know that. The Rent-a-car can give a car if there is a card for one person and a credit card for another person. But in SIXT one card is enough. And this is a huge plus. Look carefully your card has expired or not. It is desirable that it exceeds the rental period of the car (not less than a month).

5 – Luxury motor fleet and excellent condition of cars

It is often the case that cars leased in other rental companies are not in good condition. In SIXT that never happened once. Company claimed their machines have a service life of not more than six months.

Official website of SIXT

Go to the site: Car Rental in Barcelona Airport


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