Saona restaurant in Valencia


Saona restaurant in Valencia is rather a popular place, so if you want to spend your evening there, it would be better if you made a reservation in advance.

«Why so many people want to visit this restaurant?» – I asked myself before I was there for the first time. The answer is quite easy. Saona restaurant offers a great diversity of delicious, and, what s important, cheap food.

For lunch you can taste a special menu of two dishes and wonderful desserts, which costs around 10 euros. At the weekends prices are slightly higher, but it’s really worth it!

Saona restaurant in Valencia
At first you can choose some light snacks, like salads, potatoes with sauces or toasts.

As the main course offers meat, fish, burgers and other delicious dishes.

The menu often varies, but the only thing that remains unchanged is the dessert. An unique tartlet on a sandy dough with condensed milk and bananas just melts in your mouth!

Also there is a nice cheesecake (tarta de queso), which is not like in Maria Mandiles ,of course, but better than in many other cafes.


  • Passeig de l’Albereda, 41
  • Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 46
  • Plaça de la Verge, 8



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