Subway in Barcelona – full information


Metro in Barcelona is clean, secure and comfortable, so it is the most convenient type of transport in the city. Most of tourists and local townspeople prefer to use metro the metro as the main kind of transport. You can get to the any place of city by the metro of Barcelona. Underground transport uses by everybody, from noisy students and elderly ladies to confused tourists from different parts of the world.

If you plan to see most of the sights you need to pay attention to address of the objects of your attention. Often, there are entrances and exits in the metro next to museums and parks.

The metro of Barcelona consists of 11 lines and the funicular to the Montjuic Park.

Hours of metro of Barcelona

On weekdays, from Monday to Thursday, and on holidays: from 5.00 to 24.00.

On Friday and before the holidays: from 5.00 tо 2.00.

On Saturdays and before 1 of January, 24 of June, 15 of August and 24 of September: opening in 5.00 in evening and it stay open all night.

Sunday: open to 24.00 and 24 of December: from 5.00 to 23.00.

Metro ticket can be used in buses, trams and in electric trains (in the city).

Subway in Barcelona - full information

Price in the metro of Barcelona

Metro of Barcelona is the most affordable transport, which has democratic price system. It is much more profitable to buy tickets for a long period and a large number of trips. One trip will cost 2.20 euros, the card for 10 trips will cost you 10.20 euros.

Most popular tickets and prices for 2018

Single Ticket

This ticket only works for a single ride of any lenght for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Important: this is the only ticket that does not allow transfers from the metro to bus, tram or FGC Railway and only works for Zone 1. Price: 2,20€.


Aimed to tourists, this ticket gives you unlimited use of the whole transport system for one day. Notice that it’s valid from the moment you validate until the end of the day, (it doesn’t work for 24 hours). Requires passport number and it’s a one-person ticket. Price: 8,60€ (Zone 1).


This is the most popular ticket used by the Barcelona residents. It’s worth for 10 rides of any lenght and allows transfers without charging a new ride for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. It can be used by several people simultaneously. Price: 10,20€ (Zone 1).


Works exactly like the T-10, except that is worth for 50 rides in a space of 30 days. It’s a one-person ticket. Price: 43,50€ (Zone 1).


Follows the same rules as the T-50/30 only that it gives you unlimited rides in a space of 30 days, so it’s the right choice for a long stay. It’s also a one-person ticket. Price: 54,00€ (Zone 1).

You can buy the abonnements Hola Barcelona, which include unlimited number of trips for 2-5 days. Prices for them vary from 14 to 2 days and to 30 euros for 5 days. They can be purchased at 10% cheaper if you buy it through the Internet on the site.

Where you can buy the tickets

Subway in Barcelona - full information

There are few touch-screen machines you can easily choose the kind of ticket for you  and buy it, right next to the turnstiles. Euro bills are accepted without problems and any dignity, and also any trifle. Surrender is also given fully.

There are no controllers at the entrance to the subway of Barcelona, but they do from time to time checking inside the subway. Controllers can ask you to show your ticket on the platform and inside the train. But it does not happen very often, but we suggest you to always keep the ticket until you get off the subway. A ticket free trip in the subway of Barcelona is punishable by a fine of 100 euros.

What to do if the ticket is damaged

The ticket looks like a plastic card. Card-ticket is quite easy to damage, by humidity or it can be teared during a trip. If you had mush money on your card you can change it in the customer’s transport service center. TMB (Transport Metropolitan of Barcelona).

The scheme of Barcelona’s metro

You can see in detail and print the scheme of Barcelona’s metro, which you can find down below.

Subway in Barcelona - full information


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